The Bishop of Djibouti visits the CIMIC Group

His Excellency Giorgio BERTIN meets the Army’s Specialists in the domain of civil-military cooperation.

His Excellency Giorgio BERTIN, Bishop of Djibouti and serving as apostolic administrator in Mogadishu, visited Multinational CIMIC Group yesterday. Multinational CIMIC Group is a Combined Joint Unit of the Italian Army, specifically designed for civil-military cooperation (CIMIC), where CIMIC operators are trained and qualified for deployments to critical areas, like Djibouti.

The prelate was welcomed by Col. Francesco GRECO, Commanding Officer of Multinational CIMIC Group and eventually met all personnel of the regiment. He praised them for the outstanding results achieved by CIMIC Operators and marked the importance of CIMIC activities in critical areas, where sustainment to the local population is paramount.

In his speech, he also took the opportunity to comment that under military uniforms often lies extraordinary sensitivities which contribute significantly to the humanitarian objectives of missions.

CIMIC operators from Multinational CIMIC Group are currently deployed throughout several International Operations, including Kosovo, Lebanon, Somalia, Djibouti and the Mediterranean sea (Operation Sophia). Also, MNCG personnel are currently deployed to Rome, as part of the domestic Operation “Strade Sicure”, in support of Italian law enforcement agencies.

Source:  Italian Army General Staff


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