The CIMIC Award of Excellence is an annual award that celebrates the contributions and innovations of institutions and individuals in the CIMIC community and amplifies the influential role that CIMIC plays in modern environment.

Motta di Livenza, Italy
The CIMIC Center of Excellence (CCOE) Director, Colonel (DEU Army) Andreas Eckel, and the Commander of the Multinational CIMIC Group, Colonel (ITA Army) Ugo Proietto, presented the mayor of the town of Motta di Livenza, Mr. Alessandro Righi with the CIMIC (institutional) Award of Excellence. The mayor accepted with enthusiasm the award on behalf of the local community and heartfully thanked the two CIMIC Officers for the affection, the esteem and the professional competence daily demonstrated by their men and women in supporting NATO and cooperating with the main civilian stakeholders in the crisis areas in support of the mis-sion through a connection with the local institutions and Authorities. This cooperation is oriented in the identified sectors of special needs (f.e. institution building, capacity building, support at local population) after a deep analysis done by CIMIC specialist in strict coordination with the civilian authorities of the countries where the crisis are ongoing.

The garrison town of Motta di Livenza has been host to Italian Army and NATO partner units for more than 120 years. Today, the Multinational CIMIC Group a CIMIC specialized unit, projected for the civil-military cooperation at a tactical and operational level and ready to be tasked by NATO with Collective Defense Operations under Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty and Crisis Response Operations under non-Article 5 in support of peace and international security maintains warm relationships with the City and people of Motta di Livenza. On special events with high public recognition value, the cooperation between the Italian Army and the town as well as town sponsored actors from public and cultural life has been exemplary. MNCG has cooperated with the town of Motta di Livenza extensively during the last years, promoting several initiatives including a non competitive race to foster solidarity (since 2019), a WWI exhibition (2020) and a collaboration agreement to promote cultural growth (2021). The town has supported training and educational events with providing infrastructure and high level role players.

The CIMIC Award of Excellence was positioned during CIMIC Centre of Excellence’s 10th Anniversary Event in 2017 in The Hague (NLD) as the marque symbol of this institution towards the wide array of stakeholders in civil-military interaction and the CIMIC Community of Interest worldwide. The intent is that the Award should be given annually to one individual and one institutional Awardee for their outstanding contributions and engagement in the much larger field of civil-military interaction. With this, individual and institutional efforts can be honoured, which contribute to the better interaction between both sides and raise the significance of civil-military interaction and CIMIC.

SOURCE: Multinational CIMIC Group  


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